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NAPCRG Committees

Awards Committee
The Awards Committee oversees administration of the NAPCRG Awards Program by soliciting and evaluating nominations and selecting recipients. The Awards Committee overseas the Awards Breakfast at the Annual Meeting. 

Community Clinician Advisory Group
The mission of the Community Clinician Advisory Group (CCAG) is to bring more voices from community practice to inform (1) the functions of the NAPCRG and PBRN annual meetings and (2) add community clinician perspectives to formulating the future primary care research agenda.

Committee on Advancing the Science of Family Medicine (CASFM)
The mission of CASFM is to promote and actively contribute to the transformation of primary care practice for the betterment of patients and their communities, and to assure that the development, translation, and implementation of new knowledge becomes part of the fabric of what it means to be a family physician.  CASFM has four work groups: Cost Analyses, Health Information Technology, Practice Based Research, Research Methodologies.

Communications Committee
The Communications Committee is in charge of communications for NAPCRG. This includes identifying and communicating relevant news to our own members using methods such as our newsletter and the NAPCRG website, as well as promoting NAPCRG and primary care research to those outside our organization, such as policy makers, funding agencies and community physicians, through public relation and outreach initiatives.

International Committee
The mission of the International Committee is to provide a strategic plan and direction to extending and supporting NAPCRG’s international outreach beyond US / Canada to both resource-rich and resource-poor nations. Research is a core component of primary care clinical practice and education in all nations. All nations should prioritize and fund primary care research. Primary care researchers from all nations should have the opportunity to present new knowledge and research advances in primary care at the NAPCRG Annual Meeting and to engage in other NAPCRG activities.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee is responsible for recruitment of new NAPCRG members, promotion of diversity among the membership, and assessment of membership needs and coordination of strategies to meet those needs. The committee conducts membership evaluations, reaches out to underrepresented constituencies, develops and maintains programs to meet members’ needs, and communicate its work to NAPCRG’s membership.

Governance Committee
It is the Governance Committee’s responsibility to develop leadership and submit nominations for open board positions to the board for approval and appointment.

Program Committee
The Program Committee helps with the format of the meeting, for example changing ratios of posters to oral presentations depending on the venue and the number of submissions. We select and invite the plenary speakers, we review the  submissions where there is a high score to select distinguished and extended papers. Where the reviewers have given a low score or there is a discrepancy we review the abstracts and make decisions on those that will be accepted. Overall we are responsible for the academic side of the program and so make decisions on many aspects of the meeting.

Research Advocacy Committee

The Research Advocacy Committee's purpose is multifaceted as follows: 

  • Provide tools, training and resources for NAPCRG members to use in their own advocacy work at the local, state and national levels in the U.S. and Canada
  • Disseminate primary care research advocacy messages to key federal, state/provincial public policy leaders in the U.S. and Canada 
  • Identify and build strong partnerships with organizations around collaboration, sponsorship, funding and/or support for NAPCRG’s efforts
  • Promote primary care research opportunities to define the direction of primary care research in the U.S. and Canada.