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Participatory Research in Primary Care

The Participatory Research in Primary Care Working Group promotes and supports collaborative research partnerships in primary care together with the patients, communities, and other stakeholders with whom we partner. Our goals include jointly collaborating on products that increase understanding and capacity for a participatory approach in primary care research; supporting primary care researchers and professionals undertaking participatory research; and advocating for participatory research policy within relevant research and healthcare organizations....

US Co-chair
Joesph LeMaster, MD

  CA Co-chair
Jon Salsberg, MA, PhD


Most recently operating as a Special Interest Group (SIG), this group joined the Committee for Advancing the Science of Family Medicine (CASFM) following the NAPCRG 2015 Annual Meeting. Please check back for products.  


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The document, "Responsible Research with Communities: Participatory Research in Primary Care," together with the recommendations for NAPCRG, was adopted as organizational policy, by the NAPCRG Board of Directors and membership at the NAPCRG Annual Meeting on November 6, 1998 in Montreal. This document grew out of a successful workshop on Respectful Research With Communities at the 1996 NAPCRG Annual Meeting. The NAPCRG membership and Board of Directors supported and financed development of this document. The Task Force solicited comments from interested parties and incorporated many suggestions into the revisions. This policy was updated in 2015.

Download the full 1998 NAPCRG policy. 

Download the 2015 updated policy.