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CASFM Mission

The mission of CASFM is to promote and actively contribute to the academic discipline of primary care for the betterment of patients and their communities. It will also help​ to assure that the development, translation, and implementation of new knowledge rapidly​ becomes part of the fabric of family medicine. 


  CASFM Chair
Gillian Bartlett, PhD
  CASFM Staff Liaison
Kaari Van Auken
  STFM Liaison
David Mehr, MD, MS

CASFM Work Groups

Are you looking to develop a foundation, expand, or refresh your research skills?

Join us for the CASFM Research Methods: Advancing Primary Care Research preconference at the NAPCRG Annual Meeting!

This year’s preconference is being organized by the CASFM Work Groups to provide a unique educational opportunity aimed at diverse audiences interested in developing a foundation, expanding, or refreshing their research skills. Building on the successful 2015 preconference organized by the CASFM Research Methods Work Group, this preconference aims to provide a breadth of introductory and advanced sessions on various aspects of research methodology. 

The course will be offered through four 90-minute sessions. In the morning, two general sessions will introduce primary concepts in quantitative and qualitative research. The afternoon will offer concurrent sessions focusing on different aspects of research methodology organized by the CASFM Work Groups, as follows. 

  • Research Methods: Covariate Constrained Randomization
  • Health IT: Attribution of Primary Care Physician or Other Healthcare Provider
  • Practice Based Research Networks: Describing PBRNs in North America
  • Practice Based Research Networks: Linking Research to Policy & Recruitment and Engagement
  • Participatory Research: Photo Elicitation & Cognitive Fuzzy Mapping Participatory Research: Collaborative Coding & World Café with Vulnerable Populations 

During all sessions participants be provided with substantive material and will actively participate in the course through engagement exercises and in-class activities. This method has been shown to promote retention of the material and minimize the time burden for the participants. The day is organized so that participants can pick and choose which two of the sessions they would like to attend. View the full agenda.

No prerequisite knowledge is required. Select PR1 when registering for the 2016 Annual Meeting.