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NAPCRG Strategic Plan 


This strategic plan is designed to guide its efforts over the next three years from 2014 until 2017. The plan was based on research from NAPCRG members, conducted in 2013 through nearly 70 Appreciative Inquiry interviews, four focus groups, town hall responses and feedback from key external partners. The NAPCRG Board of Directors, several key members and patients gathered in Chicago, Illinois on April 7, 2014 to review the feedback, mission, vision, core values and discuss the priorities for the future.  

This is an exciting time in family medicine in North America with the approval of the Family Medicine for America’s Health in the United States earlier this year and the College of Family Physicians of Canada’s launch of their Strategic Plan in 2013. NAPCRG will serve as a key partner in supporting plans in both nations in the coming years.  The following three year strategic plan will be a living document and it will evolve as NAPCRG encounters new challenges and opportunities.


Download a copy of the Strategic Plan Summary.