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CCAG Mission

The mission of the Community Clinician Advisory Group (CCAG) is to bring more voices from community practice to inform (1) the functions of the NAPCRG and PBRN annual meetings and (2) add community clinician perspectives to formulating the future primary care research agenda.

David Kaplan, MD
Staff Liaison
Jessica Sand, MPH



The NAPCRG Board of Directors created the CCAG as a new board committee under the chairmanship of the NAPCRG Clinician Representative. The CCAG is composed of primary care clinicians who describe their primary role as “clinical practice” (If they also engage in teaching and research, these roles should be described as secondary). In keeping with the NAPCRG charter, CCAG membership is bi-national (US and Canadian) and broadly representative. Individual CCAG member terms are for 3 years, staggered.


  • Vetting NAPCRG “Pearls” (presentations at the NAPCRG annual meeting of most interest and relevance to practitioners)
  • Disseminating “Pearls” at local, regional and state/province-wide venues
  • Membership on other NAPCRG board committees at the discretion of the respective Chair
  • Facilitating greater clinician-researcher interactions via formal and informal participatory activities at the NAPCRG annual meeting (including panel discussions or other dialogues)
  • Community primary care clinicians from all disciplines who are interested in learning more about the CCAG or applying for membership are invited to contact the NAPCRG Clinician Representative, Dr. David Kaplan.

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