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2014 NAPCRG Annual Meeting: Distinguished Trainee Research Awards

What is the purpose of the distinguished trainee research awards?
The purpose of NAPCRG’s distinguished trainee research awards are to promote and acknowledge outstanding primary care research conducted by trainees.

Who is eligible to receive a trainee research award?
Undergraduate students, medical students, graduate students, residents, and fellows submitting an abstract as the primary (first) author are eligible to receive a trainee award.

What types of trainee research awards will be given?
Distinguished trainee research awards will be given for both completed projects and works-in-progress during the 2014 Annual Meeting in New York, NY.  The Dr. Barbara Starfield Award will be awarded for the best completed research project by a trainee. The recipient of the Starfield Award will receive a cash prize and a commemorative plaque.  Additionally, up to 6 awards will be given to recognize other outstanding completed research and works-in-progress by trainees. All award recipients will receive a cash prize and certificate.

When can abstracts be submitted for consideration for trainee research awards?
All trainee abstracts received during the regular submission period for the 2014 Annual Meeting will automatically be considered for a trainee research award.  There will be a “second-call” for trainees to submit an abstract for either a completed project or work-in-progress in June, 2014. Please check the NAPCRG homepage for information related to trainee “second-call” submissions in June, 2014. All submitted “second-call” abstracts will automatically be considered for a trainee research award as well.

How will trainee research award recipients be selected?
A distinguished panel of judges will independently review and score submitted abstracts. Submitted scores will be tallied and averaged to identify all award recipients.

When will trainee research awardees be notified?
Once potential awardees are identified through the judging process, the Distinguished Trainee Research Award Chair, Dr. Lorraine Wallace will contact each trainee via electronic mail in early October, 2014. Each trainee and his/her mentor(s) will be asked to verify that the submitted abstract represents the primary work of the trainee exclusively.

When will distinguished trainee research awards be distributed?
Trainee research award recipients will receive their awards during plenary sessions throughout the Annual Meeting.  

Who should you contact if I have any additional questions about the distinguished trainee awards?
If you have any questions and/or require any additional information regarding the NAPCRG distinguished trainee research awards, please contact Dr. Lorraine Wallace (Lorraine.Wallace@osumc.edu or 614-688-3327).