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NAPCRG International Conference on Practice Facilitation 
November 29-30
Louisville, Kentucky



2017 Conference Materials




Plenary I: The Past, Present and Future of Practice 
Facilitation: An International Perspective 


Plenary II: How to Build a PF Learning Community  
Small Group Discussions   
  Topic 1:  Getting to know you and getting to know your thinking about  practice facilitation  
  Topic 2:  Building a shared understanding of who PFs are, where they practice, what they do, and how they are supported  
  Topic 3:  Understanding how diverse thinking about facilitation might be   
   Topic 4:  Start thinking about current and future needs for PFs and what a PF learning community could do  
Breakouts: Speed Tanks I   
  Topic 1:  PFs and Health IT   
  Topic 2:  Practice Recruitment, Engagement, and Rentention   
  Topic 3:  Sustainability - Paying for Your PF Program   
  Topic 4:  Mastering the PF Role (e.g., Balance and Scope Creep)  
  Topic 5:  Hiring and Training PFs   
  Topic 6:  Aligning Research and QI Through Practice Facilitation   
  Topic 7:  Moving Beyond the Clinic Walls: the Role of PFs in Engaging Stakeholders   


General Session: An Overview of PF Programs in Various Environments (Mini-Plenaries)

1: Practice Facilitation in Academic Settings

2: A Public Health Approach to Practice Facilitation for Success in Payment Reform

3: Health System or Payer-Based Programs


Small Group Discussions: Facilitation in Various Environments 

Topic 1: Academic and PBRN-Based Programs

Topic 2: Public Health/Government-Based Programs (NYC HD)

Topic 3: Health System or Payer-Based Programs


Facilitation A’La Carte 

1A: National PF Certificate Course

1B: AHRQ-endorsed PF Training Manual

1C: Minnesota Consortium for Practice Facilitation


2A: North Carolina

2B: Oregon 

2C: Colorado


3A: Tailoring Facilitation Approaches

3B: Large Projects – EvidenceNOW/ESCALATES

3C: Systemic Intervention Tracking (The Electronic Practice Record)


Town Hall: Building and Sustaining an International PF Learning Community   





Rapid Learning Workshops I

1A: Building and Supervising Your PF Program

1B: Facilitating Practice Improvement Via Academic Detailing 

1C: Using Cognitive Task Analysis in Practice Facilitatior



Rapid Learning Workshops II

2A: PFs and Value-Based Healthcare

2B: Evaluating the Effectiveness of PF Support

2C: How to Use PFs to Engage Patients and Communities in Improving Primary Care


Solution Shop: “Do You Have Questions? We Will Find Answers!”  (Interactive Stakeholder Groups)

Interactive 1: Practice Facilitator Group

Interactive 2: PF Leadership/Management Group

Interactive 3: Researcher Group

Interactive 4: Don’t ask me to choose! (Any questions/issues)


General Session: Wrap up, Conference Evaluation and Next Steps

Zsolt Nagykaldi, Melinda Davis & Paula Darby Lipman





Funding for this conference was made possible in part by grant 1R13HS025315‐01 from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). The views expressed in written conference materials or publications and by speakers and moderators do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the Department of Health and Human Services; nor does mention of trade names, commercial practices, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.

General Session: An Overview of PF Programs in Various Environments (Mini-Plenaries)

Mini Plenary 1: Practice Facilitation in Academic Settings

Small Group Discussions: Facilitation in Various Environments 

Topic 1: Academic and PBRN-Based Programs

Town Hall: Building and Sustaining an International PF Learning Community 

Michael Parchman, William Hogg, Melinda Davis, Vanessa Nguyen, Zsolt Nagykaldi, Ann Lefebvre


2017 Conference Resources