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2018 NAPCRG PBRN Conference Poster Schedule


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JUNE 25, 2018; 2:00-3:00 PM

P10: “Patients know best” - Lessons learned from a pilot study to test the study design and materials for a large pragmatic asthma trial
Victoria E. Forth, PA-C; Juan Carlos Cardet, MD, MPH; Elliot Israel, MD FAAAAI

P11: Collaborative deliberation: Expanding a shared decision making model for use in primary care obesity management
Denise Campbell-Scherer, MD, PhD, CCFP, FCFP; Thea Luig, PhD; Glyn Elwyn, MD, PhD, MSc

P12: Patients’ understanding of preventive services: high confidence and low knowledge 
Julia Rozman, BS; Paulette Kashiri, MPH; Alex Krist, MD, MPH

P13: Using Physician and Staff Input to Inform EHR Design: A WREN supported study
Amanda E. Hoffmann, MPH; David Hahn, MD, MS; John Beasley, MD

P13: Using Physician and Staff Input to Inform EHR Design: A WREN supported study
Amanda E Hoffmann, MPH; David Hahn, MD, MS; Tosha Wetterneck, MD, MS

P14: Development of a Technology Based Patient Navigation Program for Colorectal Cancer Screening
Susan G. Nash, PhD; Luis Rustveld, PhD; Ajeesh Sunny, MS 

P15: Use of Boot Camp Translation in Western Colorado as a Means to Engage Community in Intervention Development
Andrea Nederveld, MD, MPH; Jodi Holtrop, PhD, MCHES;  

P16: Increasing capacity for substance use disorder research in the NIDA Clinical Trials Network by building collaborations with primary care practices
Rowena Dolor, MD, MHS; Katrina Donahue, MD, MPH; Hazel Tapp, PhD   

P17: Maintaining PBRN Practice Contacts: The CRM Method
Shraddha Gandhi, MBA(c); Mary Fisher, MPH; 

P18: Impact of Electronic Health Record Alert in Primary Care Screening for HIV Within a Large Healthcare System 
Jeremy Thomas, MSW; Thomas Ludden, PhD; Hazel Tapp, PhD

P19: SPIDER: A Research and QI Collaboration Supporting Practices in Improving Care for Complex Elderly Patients (Research in Progress)
Michelle Greiver, MD, MSc, CCFP, FCFP; Simone Dahrouge, PhD, MSc; Patricia O’Brien, RN, MScCH

P20: Proposal of a short satisfaction scale to measure the quality of the consultation in ED
Melanie Sustersic, MD, PhD; Jean Gales; Alison Foote 

P21: Building a proof of concept national diabetes repository: work in progress
Michelle Greiver, MD,  MSc, CCFP, FCFP; Helena Medeiros, MSc; Frank Sullivan, FRSE, FRCP, FRCGP, CCFP 

P22: A Cluster-Randomized Trial Comparing Team-Based versus Primary Care Clinician-Focused Advance Care Planning in Practice-Based Research Networks
Michelle Greiver, MD. MSc, CCFP, FCFP; Jeff Myers, MD, MSEd; 

P23: Cough Drops: Cause for Concern?
Danika Johnson, BS; Robert Mead, MD; David Hahn, MD, MS

P24: Managing Depression for New Cancer Diagnoses in Primary Care
Maresi Berry-Stoelzle, MD, PhD; Rachel Atherton; 

P25: Patterns of thyroid screening and case detection in patients without thyroid disease in Canadian primary care
Sumeet Kalia, MSc; Michelle Greiver, MD, MSc, CCFP, FCFP; 

P26: Feasibility of Targeted Screening for Poverty in a Large Primary Care Team
Kimberly Wintemute, MD, CCFP, FCFP; Michelle Greiver  MD, MSc, CCFP, FCFP; Aashka Bhatt BSc (Hons.)


JUNE 25, 2018; 4:30-5:30 PM

P30: Unique Depression Screening Opportunity in a Diverse Sample of Adolescent Athletes
Allison Bickett, MS; Ashley Long, PhD; Dave Price, MD 

P31: Does the number of adverse childhood events effect patients’ trust in physician?
Carissa van den Berk Clark, PhD MSW; Denise Hooks-Anderson; Dawn Davis

P32: Loneliness in Primary Care Patients: A Prevalence Study
Rebecca Mullen, MD, MPH; Sebastian Tong, MD, MPH; John Marshall

P33: Governance Principles and Operational Model of Diabetes Action Canada’s Data Repository for Patient-Oriented Research
Don Willison, ScD; Joslyn Trowbridge, MPP; Frank Sullivan, FRSE, FRCP, FRCGP, CCFP

P34: Demographic, clinical and echocardiographic characteristics of heart failure patients in a Haitian teaching hospital
Merly Robert, MD; Joarly K. Lormil, MD; Emmanuel Fabrice Julceus, MD

P35: Developing and Implementing Large-Scale Community-Driven Integrated Care
Ayşe G. Büyüktür, PhD; Mark S. Ackerman, PhD; Ellen B. Rubinstein, PhD

P47: Failure to Launch: Lessons Learned from Difficulties Encountered While Implementing a Clinical Intervention in the Busy Primary Care Practice Setting
Walter L. Calmbach, MD, MPH; Johanna Becho, MS; Mary Marden Velasquez, PhD

P37: The role of race/ethnicity in the communicative identity of patients diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes
Jasmyne J. Womack, MPH; Carla L. Fisher, PhD; Christy J.W. Ledford, PhD

P38: Childhood Underinsurance in Southwestern Ohio:  Pre and Post the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
Greg Eberhart, MD , John Pascoe, MD, MPH, Adrienne Stolfi; Gregory M. Eberhart M.D.; John M. Pascoe M.D., M.P.H.

P39: Can I pick your brain? Top tips for practice facilitation
Jeannie Haggerty, PhD; Nadjib Mohamed Mokraoui, MSc; Fatoumata Binta Diallo, PhD; Mireille Luc, PhD; Sabrina Guay-Bélanger, PhD

P40: Impact of Patient Information Leaflets on Doctor-Patient Communication in the context of acute conditions: a before-after prospective controlled study
Mélanie Sustersic, MD, PhD; Marisa Tissot; Julie Tyrant

P41: Using the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research to Identify Barriers and Facilitators for a Colorectal Cancer Screening Patient Education Video: A Qualitative Study
Katherine Bernero, BSPH ; Jeremy Thomas, MSW ; Brisa Hernandez, BUS

P42: The Comprehensive Curriculum in Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder for Rural Primary Care Practice Teams 
Joshua Blum, MD; Linda Zittleman, MSPH; John Westfall, MD, MPH 

P43: Primary Care Practices’ Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Opioid Use Disorder and Medication Assisted Treatment 
Kristen Curcija, MPH; Linda Zittleman, MSPH; John Westfall, MD, MPH

P44: Why and How Primary Care Practices Engage in Practice Transformation Activities and Research: Findings from the EvidenceNOW Southwest Research Study
Molly Bleecker, MA; Arthur Kaufman, MD; Douglas Fernald, MA

P45: Southern Area Patient Oriented Research Organization’s (SAPORO) Investigation into Our Patient Population’s Health Literacy, Smartphone Health Application Use and Their Correlation with Weight Loss Over A One Year Period
Kiernan Smith, MD; Edwin Dennard, MD, JD; Clarissa Hoff MD, MPH; David Tran MS3

P46: A Tailored Online Ethics Training Is a Valuable Tool for a Global PBRN
Jenica K. Abram, MPH, RDN, LDN; Elizabeth Yakes Jimenez, PhD, RDN, LD; Linda Easter, MS, RD, LDN



JUNE 26, 2018; 9:45-10:45 AM

P50: Adult ADHD Prevalence, Comorbidity and Treatment Utilization: A Secondary Data Analysis Study
Cory B Lutgen, BS; Craig Smail, MA, MSc; Stephanie D Nichols, PharmD

P51: The chronic care model for patients with chronic pain: A Cincinnati Area Research and Improvement Group survey.
Nancy C. Elder, MD, MSPH; Theresa Winhusen, PhD; MaryBeth VonderMeulen, RN 

P52: Interventions to Encourage Multivitamin Use, especially in Women not using Family Planning, through IMPLICIT Interconception Care 
Maha Shafqat, MPH; Mario DeMarco, MD, MPH; Michael Horst, PhD, Jessica Brubach, MPA; Kristina Wint, MPH

P53: A Tale of Two Systems: Standardizing Primary Care Pain Management Across Two Physician Practice Groups
Anna Espinoza, MD; Kimberly Fulda, DrPH; Omair Muzaffar, MPH

P54: Implementation of a web-based tool to help patients prepare their primary care visits
Marie-Thérèse Lussier, MD, MSc; Claude Richard, PhD; Marie-Eve Lavoie, RD, PhD

P55: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Mothers aged 18 and over regarding Neonatal Care at University Hospital of Mirebalais - Haiti, 2017
Emmanuel Fabrice Julcéus, MD; Jennyva Petit, MD; Marie Christina Joseph, MD

P56: Visualizing and Understanding Primary Care Access and Community Health Outcomes in Virginia
Vivian Jiang, MD; Alex Krist, MD, MPH; 

P57: Informing the Adoption of Point-of-Care Technologies: Development and Testing of the AdoptPOC Technology Assessment Program
Brenda Korte, PhD; Joel Dickerman, DO; William D. Lewis, MD

P58: Creating a Real Time Data Tracking Model using MS Excel to Manage Large Datasets in Research Studies
Cory B Lutgen, BS; Joel Shields, MA; Brian Manning, MPH, CHES

P59: Qualitative Program Evaluation Design for the Women’s Enhanced Recruitment Process (WERP) of the VA Women’s Health Practice-Based Research Network (WH-PBRN)
Alyssa Pomernacki, MPH; Diane Carney, MA; Susan Frayne, MD, MPH

P60: Case studies of projects funded by a network of primary care PBRNs: capturing impact in clinical practice and implications for collaborative research
Marie-Ève Poitras, inf, PhD; Brigitte Vachon, OT, PhD; Nadia Benomar, MSc; Yves Couturier, PhD

P61: Perspectives on a Patient-Provider Communication Tool to Talk about Chronic Pain
Karen L. Roper, PhD; Jarred Jones, BS; Roberto Cardarelli, DO, MHA, MPH

P62: Developing a PBRN system for health equity research
Anna Rose Templeton, DNP; Rebecca Block, PhD; MJ Dunne, MA 

P63: One project, four PBRNs: How practice facilitation increases capacity
Nadjib Mohamed Mokraoui, MSc; Fatoumata Binta Diallo, PhD; Mireille Luc, PhD; Sabrina Guay-Bélanger, PhD; Shandi Miller; Jeannie Haggerty, PhD

P64: Capitalizing on the VA Women’s Health PBRN to quickly gauge harassment prevalence for policy action 
Rachel Golden, DrPH, MPH; Ruth Klap, PhD; Susan Frayne, MD, MPH

P65: VA Women’s Health Quality Improvement Collaborative: Spreading Practice Innovations in a Practice Based Research Network 
Diane V. Carney, MA ; Elizabeth M.Yano, PhD, MSPH; Susan M. Frayne, MD, MPH 

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