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Join NAPCRG, the leading organization for primary care researchers. Whether you are just beginning your education or retiring from the profession, NAPCRG offers a membership category to meet your needs. NAPCRG membership provides mentoring and networking activities, monthly newsletters to keep you updated on the happenings in the primary care research community, and the programs and resources needed for your professional growth.  Memberships run the calendar year, from October 1—September 30. 



Membership Categories

Physician Member—$300 annually 
Any physician who spends a minimum 50% of their time as a practicing clinician giving direct patient care.
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60 years or older? Consider lifetime membership


Other Primary Care Researcher—$300 annually 
Any individual who is in a research or academic position who does not give direct patient care. Roles include: Physicians spending less than 50% patient care, Professors, Program Directors, Allied Health Professionals, Nurses, Research coordinators.
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60 years or older?  Consider lifetime membership


Fellow Member—$100 annually 
Any fellow in an approved primary care/family medicine program, department, or medical school.
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Resident Member—$60 annually
Any resident in an approved primary care/family medicine residency program.
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Graduate Student with Terminal Degree Member—$40 annually
This category of membership is designed for full time graduate students (currently taking 9 credit hours) who hold a terminal degree (PhD, MD, EdD, DVM, DrPH, etc).
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Student Member—$20 annually
This category of membership is designed for full-time students enrolled in at least 12 concurrent credit hours per semester (or 9 hours for graduate students) of a health-related training program. Individuals with full-time employment and/or a terminal degree are not eligible for student membership.
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Patient/Community Member—$20 annually
This category of membership is designed for patients or community members whose main line of work/study is not primary care, research, or other health related field.
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For more membership information, email Jessica Sand at jsand@napcrg.org or call 800-274-7928.  *

U.S. and Canadian dues paying NAPCRG members may deduct dues payments as a business expenditure on individual income taxes.  This means that 100% of NAPCRG’s dues are tax deductible for U.S. and Canadian NAPCRG members as a business expenditure provided dues are paid using personal funds.