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Building Research Capacity (BRC) Program


BRC is a joint initiative between ADFM and NAPCRG in cooperation with STFM. All family medicine departments and residency programs seek to build or sustain their research and scholarship capacity. That’s where BRC comes in. 

BRC provides opportunities for all departments and residency programs to engage in a mutually beneficial learning community to leverage our strengths and resources for building research capacity. BRC offers a Brief Consultation Service and a Curriculum for all interested departments and residency programs and an Extended Consultation Service on a limited basis. 

Three BRC Components: 


BRC is developing curricular elements which are aimed at helping departments and residency programs begin to put building blocks in place for growing research capacity. 

Core Curricular Topics

  • How to build a culture of inquiry
  • How to think about & approach the value of collaboration in research
  • Leadership as a critical component of developing and sustaining research capacity
  • Research faculty development, support & skill development
  • Building the research team
  • Financing and staffing research infrastructure
  • Developing and leveraging existing family medicine research labs

Brief Consultation Service (BCS)

  • An inter-department/inter-residency/inter-institutional Consultation Service
  • Experienced research leaders provide brief consultations on research and scholarship capacity building

Extended Consultation Service (ECS)

  • Two-year Extended Consultation Service at the institutional level
  • Initially launched for two groups of department and institutional leaders

Assessment & Evaluation 

Measurable outcomes will be defined for both short-term and long-term -The ultimate impact of the Extended Consultation Service on a department and institution may take decades, not years, to fully realize.



Volunteer members contributing to BRC are many – 


Bernard Ewigman, Chair, ADFM

Dana King, NAPCRG

Tony Kuzel, Co-Chair, Consultation Workgroup

CJ Peek, Co-Chair, Consultation Workgroup

David Schneider, Chair, Curriculum Workgroup
Lynn Meadows, Chair, Assessment and Evaluation Workgroup
Daniel Knight, ADFM Liaison
Jim Beal, STFM Liaison
Sherri Morgan, AFMRD Liaison
Lee Green, Advisor

Frank deGruy, Advisor

Ardis Davis, Executive Director, ADFM

Tom Vansaghi, Executive Director, NAPCRG


BRC Assessment and Evaluation Workgroup

Lynn Meadows, Chair

Lee Green, Advisor

Bernard Ewigman, Steering Committee Liaison

Tanvir Turin Chowdhury

Jodi Holthrop

Chip Mainus

Chris Morley


BRC Consultation Workgroup

Tony Kuzel, Co-Chair

CJ Peek, Co-Chair

Lynn Meadows

Bernard Ewigman

Lloyd Michener
Ardis Davis

Tom Vansaghi

BRC Curriculum Workgroup

Dave Schneider, Chair

Dana King, Steering Committee Liaison

Sandra Burge

John Hickner

Fred Miser

Donald Nease

Michael Parchman
Hazel Tapp

CJ Peek

Lynn Meadows

Kola Okuyemi
Michael Hosokawa, Advisor

Paul Crawford, AFMRD Liaison

Staff Resource: Hannah Bruins, NAPCRG

For more information about the BRC program, contact Hannah Bruins at hbruins@NAPCRG.org.



For more information at the BRC program, contact Hannah Bruins at hbruins@NAPCRG.org.



For more information at the BRC program, contact Hannah Bruins at hbruins@NAPCRG.org.


For more information at the BRC program, contact Hannah Bruins at hbruins@NAPCRG.org.