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Grant Generating Project (GGP)

2018-2019 GGP Fellowship Call for Applications

The Grant Generating Project (GGP), a year-long "fellowship without walls," is calling for applications for the 2018-2019 Fellowship. Since 1995, the GGP has trained over 100 fellows and produced over 800 grant proposals yielding more than $1 billion in grants to primary care.

Why should you participate in the GGP? In addition to the potential for major research grant funding, participation in GGP has other potential benefits to the home department of participating GGP fellows. Primary care researchers who wish to learn to write successful research grants as part of their development and training can take advantage of the GGP fellowship.

With its emphasis on critical thinking, analysis and writing, the skills learned in GGP can be generalized to other grant-writing projects and scholarly writing activities. Such training should have long-term benefits in preparation for future grant development activities. GGP fellows and their departments will also derive benefit from networking activities, gaining valuable contacts with other primary care researchers throughout North America. 

The fellowship is open to all primary care faculty, both university and community based, who are interested in pursuing investigator generated independent research on topics of interest to family medicine. Applications are welcome from individuals with MD, PhD, ScD, EdD and other appropriate terminal degrees. We also welcome applicants from both the United States and Canada.

Those interested in applying for the GGP fellowship must complete the application. Applicants are encouraged to review the expectations for the fellow and sponsoring department or program and determine their ability and willingness to commit the time and funding required for GGP participation. 


Please contact Hannah Bruins, GGP Program Coordinator, at hbruins@napcrg.org with any questions about the program content and expectations.



Support for the Grant Generating Project is provided by funding from the North American Primary Care Research Group, Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, American Board of Family Medicine Foundation and the Canadian College of Family Physicians.