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How to Apply

Those interested in applying for the GGP fellowship must complete the following two-part application. Applicants are encouraged to review the expectations for the fellow and sponsoring department or program and determine their ability and willingness to commit the time and funding ($4,000 tuition fee + travel expenses) required for GGP participation.

Part 1

Part I one of the GGP application, the letter of intent, must be submitted by July 7 for admission to the program. Submitting a letter of intent does not obligate the department or program or applicant in any way; it will apprise GGP staff to plan for application review and initiate the process for all who make a formal commitment for application by the concept paper due date.

Part 2

For Part II, applicants must submit a curriculum vitae, letters of support, a concept paper, description of course work and their mentor’s name and information, if known, to the GGP program office. All components are due by July 17.