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Grant Generating Project

Part 2

Deadline: July 17

Materials to be submitted:

  • Curriculum vitae including education, experience in both research and clinical areas as applicable and research interests.
  • Letter of support from department chair or program director. The letter should clearly specify the following:
  • Assurance of adequate — at least 20 percent — protected time to complete the proposal and related GGP requirements
    • Departmental or program support of the applicant’s research interest
    • Departmental or program commitment of time and funding required to attend all GGP workshops
  • Letter of support from dean or hospital director.
  • Description of formal course work taken in research methods, statistics, epidemiology and other related areas that would benefit the applicant in grant writing and project execution. Please note, this information is used for GGP planning purposes and not for fellowship selection.
  • A rough draft concept paper written by the applicant. This is a very critical component of the application. It gives the GGP selection committee an idea of the type of work the applicant is interested in conducting and is used by the fellow in identifying an appropriate mentor. The concept paper will be revised during the early phases of the GGP training and submitted as required to the prospective funding agency. It will ultimately be the basis of the proposal the GGP fellow will complete during the fellowship year. The concept paper should include:
  • Name and contact information, including mailing address, e-mail address, office phone number and fax number, of the person who will serve as the GGP fellow’s mentor. If a mentor has not been selected by the time of application, the fellow will be expected to identify a mentor and provide this information as soon as possible after acceptance into the program.



Materials should be submitted by e-mail to hbruins@napcrg.org.

Materials that cannot be sent electronically may be mailed to:

Grant Generating Project

North American Primary Care Research Group

Hannah Bruins

11400 Tomahawk Creek Pkwy, Suite 240

Leawood, KS 66211

Materials may be faxed to the attention of Hannah Bruins at (913) 906-6096.