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Awards Program 
NAPCRG offers several awards to recognize members throughout their careers.

Building Research Capacity (BRC)

BRC is a joint initiative between ADFM and NAPCRG in cooperation with STFM. All family medicine departments and residency programs seek to build or sustain their research and scholarship capacity. BRC provides opportunities for all departments and residency programs to engage in a mutually beneficial learning community to leverage our strengths and resources for building research capacity.

PaCE (Patient and Clinician Engagement) is part of a NAPCRG project funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) under the Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award Program. The purpose of PaCE is to develop a robust community of patients and primary care providers with knowledge and understanding of the unique features of patient-centered outcomes research related to primary care. 

Grant Generating Project (GGP)

The Grant Generating Project (GGP) is a “fellowship without walls” for family practice researchers who lack them in their home environments. The GGP fits with the research and scholarship capacity-building needs of family medicine, specifically under the American Academy of Family Physicians’ Plan to Enhance Family Practice Research.   

Trainee Program for Fellows, Residents & Students
Through its Trainee Program, NAPCRG aims to cultivate a nurturing learning environment for all students, residents and fellows in the field of primary care research. The program offers several opportunities for trainee members with the cumulative objective to create more involvement, community and resources for NAPCRG trainee members.