PRP009: A strategic analysis of patient engagement in a multi-site case management intervention in primary care

Alya Danish, PhD; Mathieu Bisson, MA; Shelley Doucet, PhD, RN; Frederick Kris Aubrey-Bassler, MD, MSc; Mireille Lambert, MA; Dana Howse, PhD; Monique Cassidy, MEd; Catherine Hudon, MD, PhD


Context: A research program on a case management (CM) intervention for frequent users of health services who have chronic diseases and complex care needs is co-led by a group of patient partners. However, the objectives of patient engagement (PE) in the research program are still to be defined. Objective: To define and reach team consensus regarding the objectives of PE within the CM intervention, and to situate PE in relation to the overall objectives of the intervention. Study design: This research is part of a larger multiple-case embedded study with mixed methods data. Setting: 8 primary care clinics in Québec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador and Saskatchewan. Population studied: The PE practice community composed of 8 patient partners, 5 research coordinators and 5 principle investigators. Intervention: Patient partners are actively engaged in three distinct phases of the CM research program: the planning phase; the data collection phase; and the analysis and knowledge translation phase. Activities are based on the four guiding principles for integrating PE in research, as outlined by the CIHR’s Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research: 1) inclusiveness; 2) support; 3) mutual respect; 4) co-building. Methods: A strategic analysis (SA) of PE is planned. SA is a type of program evaluation used in health care to identify and prioritize problems and potential solutions based on the needs of stakeholders and the target population. It relies on existing program documents and stakeholder opinion as the primary sources of information. Data will therefore be obtained through a thematic analysis of literature on patient engagement in research, of the CM research program documents, and through consultation with the PE practice community using decision-making and prioritization tools. A strategic analysis workshop will be organized during the CM steering committee meeting planned for the end of 2020. Anticipated results: The objectives of PE in the CM research will be defined. A figure depicting how the objectives of PE relate to the overall objectives of the CM intervention will be presented.
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Catherine Hudon 11/21/2020

Thanks Monique, Mike and all! Great job : )

monique 11/22/2020

It has been a pleasure working with such an incredible community of patients and family partners, along with multidisciplinary team members. Conducting research in this way produces rich lessons learned #NAPCRG2020 #LogicAnalysis #PatientEngagement #PriCare

Isabelle Vedel

Excellent poster. congrats !

Catherine Hudonc 11/23/2020

Thanks Isabelle!

Viv Ramsden 11/24/2020

Thanks for sharing. Great poster.

Shelley Doucet 11/25/2020

Agreed, great poster, great team!

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