PRP114: Interest in Self-Sampled Cervical Cancer Screening: a Cross-Sectional Study

Roni Kraut, MD; Donna Manca, MD, MCLSC; Kaili Hoffart, MD, BSc, CCFP; Aisha Lofters, MD, PhD; Oksana Babenko, PhD


Context: Human papillomavirus (HPV) self-sampling is when a woman collects her own sample with a vaginal swab instead of a speculum examination performed by a clinician. Literature on HPV self-sampling has found it to be valid, cost effective, and the screening method preferred by women. It is part of the cervical cancer screening program in several countries, including the Netherlands, Australia, and Taiwan, but is not yet routinely available in Canada. Studies on HPV self-sampling in Canada have focused on the under screened segments of the population, and have found it to be well received and effective. However, it is unclear if Canadian women in general would prefer this option, and whether they are even aware of it. Objective: To determine the levels of awareness and interest in self-sampling, as well as factors associated with preference for self-sampling in a population of women affiliated with a primary care clinic in Edmonton, Alberta. Design: Cross-sectional. Women will complete an anonymous survey before their appointment. The survey is designed based on past research that assessed women’s preference for self-sampling. Odds ratios will be calculated to determine if there are any significant associations between women’s preference for self-sampling and factors, including: age, HPV knowledge, prior PAP experience, education level, country of birth, and ethnicity. Ethics has been approved by the Research Ethics Board at the University of Alberta. Setting: Family medicine clinic in Edmonton Alberta. Population studied: Women between the ages of 25 and 69 attending the family medicine clinic. Up to 200 women are expected to be recruited. Outcome measures: Percentage of women aware of self-sampling, percentage of women who prefer self-sampling, and factors associated with a preference for self-sampling. Conclusions: The results of this study have the potential to guide future screening guidelines and add to the knowledge of factors impacting preference for self-sampling.

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