PRP116: Investigating influence of health literacy on disease prevention, healthy longevity, and purpose in life

Shunsuke Kinoshita, MD; Nobutaka Hirooka; Takeru Kusano, PhD


World is rapidly aging including Japan. Health Japan in the 21st century (HJ21) is a national health promotion campaign with emphasis on lifestyle modification and preventive medicine service use for healthy aging. HJ21 emphasizes the importance of health literacy about healthy lifestyle.
There are a few studies to investigate the population who acquire health literacy. Studying the population who gain health literacy provides valuable information for the future model of health promotion in the context of healthy aging at the national level.

To prospectively investigate the influence of health literacy on incidence of lifestyle-related diseases, purpose in life, and healthy longevity through lifestyle changes.

Study Design:
A prospective cohort study following forwardly and incidence of life-related disease, estimated healthy longevity, and purpose in life in addition to the healthy lifestyle change will be determined. Study participants will be randomly selected from our previous study (studied and presented at 2019 NAPCRG) and divided into two group based on the baseline lifestyle score. The outcome will be analyzed with logistic regression, Cox proportional hazard model, or AN(C)OVA based on the nature of the outcomes. The study protocol was submitted to the IRB at Saitama Medical University at the time of this submission.

National health promotion campaign has been initiated by the Japanese government. Report from the first interim emphasized evidence-based planning to prevent lifestyle-related diseases, to prolong health longevity, and to increase purpose in life. However, the evidence to support the health promotion in the context of HJ 21 is scarce.

Population studied:
Random sample (n=900) from the established cohort of certified specialists in health management (n=4,820)

Outcome measures:
1) Incidence of lifestyle-related noncommunicable diseases (atherosclerosis risk factors, CVD, and cancer), 2) Health literacy (FCCHL and J-HLS-EU-Q47), 3) Estimated healthy longevity, 4) Purpose in life (Ikigai-9)

Anticipated Results:
The results would inform the effect of health literacy on the outcome; lifestyle-related diseases, health longevity, purpose in life. Because of the prospective design, the causality of the health literacy on the outcomes, which has remained less clear, can be explored. The results also inform the direction for health promotion.

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