PRP033: Aunt Bertha Community Connections

Kerri Barton, MPH; Neil Korsen, MD


Context: The Aunt Bertha Community Connections (ABC^2) program will engage high school, college, and medical students in the implementation of a directory of community resources in a county in rural Maine. High school students and their college level supervisor will work with organizations and businesses to help them develop two way communication with the local healthcare system and potentially with each other, to meet the needs of people who screen positive for social determinants of health in primary care practices. While creating this community resource inventory, students will learn more about social determinants of health (SDOH) and rural health. The information gathered by students will be entered into Aunt Bertha, a software program adopted by the local health system to connect patients to resources in their community, and community organizations will be trained on how to claim and maintain their listing. A medical student will work with a local medical practice to create, modify, and implement a workflow which strengthens the referral process from the provider to these community assets. This model is based on the MAPSCorps© model and has been adapted to meet the needs of a rural community and health system in Maine. Objective: Create a comprehensive asset directory in order to match the needs of the population with the local resources that can serve them. Study Design: Program implementation and evaluation. Setting or Dataset: Rural community in Maine, including local primary care and community- based organizations. Population studied: Rural community in Maine. Intervention/Instrument (for interventional studies): Virtual counseling sessions, workflow development. Outcome Measures: Student outcomes - Students will be able to identify and comment on the impact of SDOH in rural Maine. Practice and community outcomes – increase in utilization of community resource directory software compared to other regions of the same health system. Results: Project in process. Expected outcomes: We anticipate an increase in resource inventory and use of SDOH screener, workflow and referrals in the region.
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Emily Godfrey 11/24/2020

Great work! I love that you are engaging students as early has high school. Its the introduction early in one's life that lends to interest and involvement in helping underserved populations.

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