PRP082: Essential Integrated Care Skills for Medical Providers

Matthew Martin, PhD; Lesley Manson, PsyD; Lisa Tshuma, DBH, MPAS, MPA, PA-C; Cory Lutgen, BS, BSc; Ann Wade


Workforce development is an essential part of preparing medical providers to deliver primary care with integrated behavioral health services. However, there is no consensus on the skills medical providers need to work with an integrated care team. Moreover, there is no reliable instrument for measuring a medical provider’s readiness to practice integrated care.

To examine essential skills and a novel readiness measure for medical providers working in primary care with behavioral health integration

Study Design
Delphi survey

Setting or Dataset
Primary care research network

Population studied
Primary care physicians and advanced practice providers

Intervention/Instrument (for interventional studies)

We will report on survey responses from 50 participants. Results will include a list of skills considered by at least 80% of participants to be “essential” for medical providers working in primary care with behavioral health integration. In addition, we will report confirmatory factor analysis results from the readiness measure.

We will discuss implications on workforce development in primary care, including workplace orientation and training strategies and online learning. We will also explore directions for future research in advancing the science of workforce development.
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Cara 11/22/2020

Thanks for your poster. Would you please provide me a reference for Integrated Behavioral Care so that I can understand how you are using this term?

Connie van Eeghen 11/22/2020

1. Crocker, AM., Kessler, R., van Eeghen, C. et al. Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care (IBH-PC) to improve patient-centered outcomes in adults with multiple chronic medical and behavioral health conditions: study protocol for a pragmatic cluster-randomized control trial. 05 November 2020, PREPRINT (Version 1) available at Research Square

Connie van Eeghen 11/22/2020

Great work developing these key skills for medical providers, Matt and team. Have you cross-mapped these skills with the core processes of IBH developed by Kari Stephens et al. at UW? I don't know that it should, just wondering.

Matt Martin 11/23/2020

Hi Connie. I like your idea. It would be helpful to see how the skills we identified map onto the organization- or team-level processes. That would be a nice connection.

Matt Martin 11/23/2020

Hi Cara: The study protocol link posted by Connie van Eeghen accurately reflects our definition of IBH. Thanks for your interest.

Gail Rose 11/22/2020

Great work, Matt!

Matt Martin 11/23/2020

Thank you Gail!

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