PRP144: Primary care nurse's activities in linking patients with chronic diseases to community organizations: a qualitative study

Nevena Grgurevic, BSN; Catherine Hudon, MD, PhD; Edith Ellefsen, PhD


Context: Aging and increasing comorbidities in the population are leading to more complex care for healthcare professionals, especially in primary care settings. Resources that are external to the public health services are not always considered for supporting the needs of patients. Community organizations are known amongst external resources to offer accessible patient-centered services. Specifically, community organizations have proven to be helpful in chronic care management. Linking patients living with chronic diseases to external resources, including community organizations, is recognized in the primary care nurse’s field. Unfortunately, there are currently no clear guidelines to support primary care nurses in these activities and little research has been done on this subject. It becomes relevant to expand the knowledge on nurse’s activities in linking patients living with chronic diseases to community organizations in primary care settings. Objective: To understand the nurse’s role regarding linking patients living with chronic diseases to community organizations in a primary care setting by 1) describing the linking activities and 2) identifying the main facilitators and barriers associated with the linking activities. Study Design: Qualitative descriptive-interpretive design. Method: Fifteen primary care nurses working in the Estrie area of Quebec will be recruited with the help of key-informants, according to preestablished inclusion and exclusion criteria. Individual one-hour interviews will be conducted, with a semi-structured approach. An interview guide based on a scoping review on the subject will be used. The interviews’ content will be recorded, transcribed and analyzed with an interpretive approach, using the NVivo software. Data collection and analysis will be done simultaneously. Results: The completed research will be presented at the 2020 NAPCRG conference. Conclusion: This qualitative study will provide a detailed description of the main activities performed by primary care nurses in linking patients living with chronic diseases to community organizations. In addition, descriptive information on the main factors influencing the nurse’s practice of these activities will also be presented.
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Catherine Hudon 11/21/2020

Congratulation Nevena! Have a great NAPCRG : )

Viv Ramsden 11/24/2020

Thanks for sharing your poster at NAPCRG. Do you see any opportunities for engaging community members in this process? Not to take over the nurses' roles but to support and ensure that the loop is closed?

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