SRF010: Case management and telehealth: a scoping review

Sophie Béland, BA, MSc; Catherine Hudon, MD, PhD


Context: Case management (CM) is increasingly recognized as a useful intervention to meet the needs of patients living with chronic conditions and complex healthcare needs. However, factors associated with the effectiveness of CM, such as high intervention intensity, continuity of care, and effective communication, can represent a challenge to its implementation. Telehealth has the potential to help overcome some of these challenges. Moreover, advancements in the efficiency and accessibility of communications technology, coupled with the movement towards remote delivery of care, make telehealth a tool of interest for progress in the field of CM in primary care. Nevertheless, to our knowledge, no previous work has been done to synthesize available evidence regarding the use of telehealth in CM. Objective: The purpose of this scoping review was thus to summarize what is known about CM using telehealth. More specifically, objectives are to: 1) document which telehealth modalities have been previously used, 2) identify in what context they have been used, and 3) discuss evidence on the effectiveness of telehealth-delivered CM. Design: A scoping review was conducted using the method developed by Arksey and O’Malley (2005) and completed by Levac (2010). Method: A search was done in MEDLINE, Scopus and CINAHL to identify articles published between 2005 and 2020 containing key words related to the 2 main concepts of this review: telehealth and CM. Studies in which telehealth was used for patient-case manager interaction, and that were conducted in an adult population living with frequent chronic conditions were included. A narrative synthesis was conducted. Results: After removing duplicates, the search yielded 2,378 articles, of which 130 were selected for full-text review and eligibility assessment by 2 reviewers. Finally, 22 articles were retained for review and data extraction. Results will be presented at the 2020 NAPCRG conference. Conclusion: By reviewing the most recent literature on the use of telehealth in CM, this work will identify challenges and gaps in the literature that may be addressed in future primary care research.
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Gillian Bartlett 11/21/2020

Great work on this important topic. Also very impressed you did this in addition to having to switch your training online.

Mike Warren 11/21/2020

Very good poster. With the onset of the COVID pandemic, has come the clear recognition that telemedicine will become a critical and accelerated component of healthcare. I too agree that, as much as possible, visual connection (versus email or telephone) is the preferred option. While it is not as good as in-person care in building a relationship between patient and doctor, it goes a long way to supporting the relationship. I also think it supports (increases?) the role and necessity of the patient's engagement in their health. Thanks for the poster.

Jack 11/21/2020

telehealth research in primary care is crucial. thanks for this study and your work. email if interested in potential collaboration. thanks

Catherine Hudon 11/21/2020

Great work Sophie! Thanks+++

Viv Ramsden 11/22/2020

Sophie & Catherine, great work. I think it would be great if you could present this to the Case Management Team. Enjoy NAPCRG!

Catherine Hudon 11/23/2020

Good idea Vivian!

Meghan Gilfoyle 11/23/2020

Very interesting and timely topic - well done.  Which software did you use for your scoping review?  Thanks, Meghan

Judy Belle Brown

Great work Sophie and very necessary!!!

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