SRF023: Evaluation of Telehealth Use in Primary Care Professionals During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jessica Clifton, PhD; Constance van Eeghen, DrPH; Levi Bonnell, MPH, PhD Candidate; Niranjana Das; Juvena Hitt; Sarah Cooper; Jessica Crooker, BS; Lisa Natkin, PhD; Benjamin Littenberg, MD


Context: Telehealth use has increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Understanding the impact of telehealth on healthcare providers will be crucial in ensuring quality patient care and job satisfaction moving forward. Objective: To describe how the use of telehealth impacts Primary Care professionals’ job satisfaction. Human Subjects Review: Approved by the University of Vermont IRB. Design: Online survey of Primary Care professionals in a larger longitudinal study. Setting: Primary Care professionals recruited via online platforms (e.g., email, Facebook, Reddit). Main and Secondary Outcome Measures: Participants asked to rate the degree to which telehealth makes their job easier (disagree, neither agree nor disagree, agree, not applicable). Data regarding participants’ experiences with telehealth during COVID-19 also collected via qualitative prompts, including questions exploring ease of use. Anticipated Results: Since May 2020, 152 participants from 47 states have responded to the telehealth questions. So far, 43% agreed that telehealth made their job easier, 20% disagreed, and 37% were undecided. Participants will continue to be prompted with open-ended questions that will provide more information about their work and telehealth experiences. Preliminary examination of the qualitative data emphasizes discordant reactions to telehealth among professionals. For example, one professional stated that telehealth “allows some flexibility to work from home and that has reduced burnout and increased engagement,” while another described it as “particularly draining, including working from home.” Outcomes to be Reported: Descriptive statistics of telehealth ease of use. Univariate analysis of demographic information and telehealth ease of use. Findings will report themes from the analysis of qualitative data. Findings will provide valuable information about the experiences of Primary Care professionals with telehealth and will identify potential areas for improvement.
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Jack 11/21/2020

terrific work. email if interested in collaborating. thanks

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