SRF033: Identifying challenges and resilience among primary care physicians during COVID-19

Christine Camacho, MD; Sireesha Teegala, MD; Melissa Dang, BS; Fozia Ali, MD; Jasmine Rodriguez, MPH


Context: Currently, limited information is available examining how COVID-19 has impacted primary care physician wellbeing. Primary care physician wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic could be significantly impacted and should be addressed.
Objective: To identify challenges and resilience among primary care physicians during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Design: Mixed-method, cross-sectional analysis
Setting: Outpatient, inpatient, and emergency rooms with data collection between May 2020 to June 2020. Main locations include the Robert B. Green Family Health Center and University Hospital in the South Texas Medical Center.
Participants: University of Texas Health San Antonio Department of Family and Community Medicine. Family medicine residents (n=37) and faculty (n=30).
Intervention/Instrument: A short online survey including basic demographics along with challenges and resilience utilizing a mixture of Likert scale and free response forms. A multivariable analysis was preformed to compare responses among family medicine physicians regarding agreeability on statements related to resilience and wellness.
Outcome: The findings from this study will not only reveal impact of the pandemic among primary care physicians but will also help in providing primary care physicians resources relevant to their challenges.
Results: Faculty and residents reported maintaining healthy routines and utilizing their support system of family and friends during this time. The most common cited factors of fostering wellbeing and self-care included exercise, family, mindfulness. The most common described difficulties included uncertainty and isolation.
Conclusions: Both faculty and residents demonstrated resilience and practiced forms of wellness during this time. A follow up study in three months will be conducted to assess the change in response over time.
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Jack 11/21/2020

such important work. thank you for this project and your research. looking forward to learning more as you move forward. thanks for sharing with NAPCRG.

Bill Phillips 11/23/2020

Interesting study, well presented. Thanks for sharing it at NAPCRG. Look forward to your next steps. (Hope to see them here at NAPCRG next year.) Too often, HC system managers call for improved clinician "resiliency" to  divert attention form system problems.

Judy Belle Brown 11/23/2020

Very important work and your follow up will be critical as the uncertainty takes its toll. Thank You!!

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