SRF005: Applicant Evaluation of Residency Programs in the Virtual Cycle

Wala Tout; Emily White VanGompel, MD, MPH; Sonia Oyola, MD


Context: The 2020 residency recruitment season is unique because it will be completely virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior research has found applicants make their decisions based on many factors, several of which may be difficult to assess virtually; including location, resident community, faculty mentorship, and prior personal experience of the program (sub-internships/acting internships). This season’s format holds promise for family medicine programs, to increase accessibility for non-traditional and socioeconomically disadvantaged students, and allow rural programs to interview more candidates. Objective: To characterize how applicants are evaluating and making decisions regarding program rankings in the 2020 NRMP match. Human Subjects Review: Pending. Study Design: Mixed-methods survey with open-ended questions. Setting or Dataset: Two large urban medical schools in Chicago. Population studied: Fourth-year medical students who are participating in the 2020 NRMP match. Outcome Measures: Importance ratings of key factors in applicant decision making. Content analysis of open-ended questions to characterize how applicants evaluated each factor. Anticipated Results: Applicants will differ by sociodemographic and chosen specialty groups in their ratings of important decisional factors. Conclusions: Programs will need to adapt their recruitment and interview methods to a virtual format in order to ensure applicants have the information they need to make decisions.
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Emily White VanGompel

Hi Wala! Testing the comments function.

Wala Tout

Thank you!

Debra Stulberg

Great job, Wala and team!

Jack 11/21/2020

great study. looking forward to learning more. i know there are lots of folks really interested in this work. thanks

Lauren Oshman 11/21/2020

Great job Wala! I am really excited to see your results - mixed methods is a valuable study method for this topic.

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