2022 International Conference on Practice Facilitation




Zsolt Nagykaldi, PhD & Melinda Davis, PhD, Conference Co-Chairs
Oyinkansola B. Ogunrinde, MHA

Helping the Healers While Helping Ourselves
Presented by E. Dawn Creach, MS
Principal Consultant, President and CEO, Creach Consulting Group

Description: This session reflects on how the pandemic has affected quality improvement, practice facilitation, and research teams in primary care, including exploring ways we can adapt our work amidst pervasive healthcare workforce burnout. Participants will learn about a novel year-long program designed to combat burnout by supporting organizational wellness and staff vitality. It will also discuss scalable solutions to support healthcare worker and organizational wellness.

Funding Research and QI Initiatives in Pandemic Times
Presented by Therese Miller, DrPH
Deputy Director Center for Evidence and Practice Improvement Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Description: This session will discuss the funder’s perspective – how the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is advancing research and tools to support practice facilitation and its role in primary care transformation. The latest findings and resources will be shared from the Agency’s extensive work to improve the quality of primary care through its EvidenceNOW implementation initiatives. Today’s challenges in funding primary care implementation research and AHRQ’s insight into this process will be described. This session will also help participants find more information about AHRQ’s research, tools and future funding opportunities.

Reflecting on Our Growth During the Pandemic: Personally, Professionally, Societally
Leads: Melinda Davis, PhD; Alison Huffstetler, MD & Sarah Hunter, BPsych, PhD
Description: This session provides a space for structured reflection about the past two years. It
aims to identify personal strides, professional successes, and consider ways to
improve societal wellbeing through practice facilitation. It will focus on building a safe
environment for conversation, demonstrating appreciation for one another, and
helping heal our community.

Silver Linings and Clouds Breaking – Lessons Learned and Goals Moving Forward
Leads: Brittany Badicke, CHES, MPH; Stephanie Kirchner, MSPH, RD & Melinda Davis, PhD

Description: This session will provide an opportunity to reflect on conference experiences and
activities and create a foundation for identifying solutions, sharing resources, and
generating future-facing strategies for the field. Findings will also be used to inform
activities of the ICPF Learning Community in the year ahead.

Utilizing Practice Facilitators to assist in the integration of behavioral health and chronic pain management in primary care. Presented by Kathy Cebuhar, MA, LPC
Initial Outcomes from Integrating OB and SUD Care for Woman and Babies in Colorado. Presented by Kathy Cebuhar, MA, LPC
We Survived a Global Health Crisis – Our Stories of Keeping the Doors Opened and Research Moving Forward. Presented by Jennifer Rees, RN, CP
Technology and Strategies for Overcoming Challenges in Virtual Practice Facilitation. Presented by Jessica Mogk, MPH
Addressing Clinician Burden and Wellness Through Inter-Disciplinary Support. Presented by Ann Romer, MS
Traits of Effective Practice Facilitation During a Pandemic. A Qualitative Analysis. Presented by Benjamin Webel, BA
Role of Practice Facilitators During the COVID-19 Pandemic, a Model for Supporting Primary Care through other Disasters. Presented by Carol Stanley, MS, CPHQ
Building a Culture of Professional Wellness in a residency program. Presented by Rosean Bishop, PhD
How much flexibility is just right for practice facilitation? Presented by Amrita Singh, MS
To Zoom We Go: Transitioning to virtual site assessments as practice facilitators. Presented by Neha Sachdev, MD
Key Steps in Implementation Facilitation: Development and Recommendations. Presented by Jeffrey Smith, BS
Fostering success in practice facilitation: A team-based approach. Presented by Suzanne Herzberg, PhD
Practice facilitation to support equitable COVID-19 vaccine access and connections to health and social services in NYC. Presented by Carlos Devia, MA
Practice Facilitation Support for Implementing Type 2 Diabetes Shared Medical Appointments. Presented by Robyn Wearner, MA, RD, PMP
Support for Implementing Continuous Glucose Monitors for Adults Living with Type 1 or 2 Diabetes in Primary Care. Presented by Robyn Wearner, MA, RD, PMP
Finding Goldilocks: How much practice facilitation is the right amount of practice facilitation? Presented by Alison Huffstetler, MD
Characterizing how practice facilitators allocate their time to help rural healthcare practices with hypertension control. Presented by Shannon Peaden, MBA, CPF & Jennifer Rees, RN, CRN, CPF
Using Technology to Create Practice Intervention Plans: Experiences from Practices and Practice Facilitators. Presented by Robyn Wearner, MA, RD, PMP
Putting It into Practice: Application-based eLearning Following Robust Didactic Content. Presented by Robyn Wearner, MA, RD, PMP
Adapting Implementation Facilitation Training to Support Scale & Spread: Development & Preliminary Evaluation. Presented by Christina Shook, PsyD, ABPP
The Rocky Mountain Network for Oral Health and the role of the Practice Facilitator. Presented by Andrew Bienstock, MHA
(2022 Poster Award Winner) Expanding Recruitment Reach ‚Äì Revamping the Recruitment Process for Remote Relationship-Building. Presented by Tiff Weekley, MA, Jacquelyn Hoffman, MPH, Victoria Sanchez, MS, Mary Patzel, MBA, Melinda Davis, PhD, MCR,  Martha Snow, MPH 
Technology Promotes Community Partnering & Team Resilience in QI/Research: Observations on a RCT to Integrate Behavioral Care. Presented by Constance van Eeghen, DrPH, MHSA, Jennifer O'Rourke-Lavoie, BS, C.R. Macchi, PhD, Gail Rose, PhD
Community of practice of facilitators: trajectory of implementation. Presented by Nadjib Mokraoui, MD, MSc, Marie-Eve Lavoie, PhD, RD, Marie Authier, PhD, Tarek Bouhali, MD, MSc, Victoria (Marie) Dorimain, MSc, Kin, Alfred Kodjo Toi, MSc, Marie Claude Roy, BA, BSc, Gwladys Haya-Baviera, MBA
Curating learning content to support coaching and action planning. Presented by Molly Volk, MHS, PCMH CCE, Ann Romer, MS, Oyinkansola Ogunrinde, MHA, Megan Bowen, BA  
Assessment and Action Planning as Coaching Tools to Address Clinician Burden and Wellness. Presented by Oyinkansola Ogunrinde, Ann Romer, MS, Molly Volk, MHS, PCMH CCE, Megan Bowen, BA
Building a Practice Facilitation Learning Community: Piloting Virtual Collaborative Learning Sessions to Foster Resilience. Presented by Brittany Badicke, MPH, Melinda Davis, PhD, MCR, Paula Darby Lipman, PhD, 
Zsolt Nagykaldi, PhD, BTh
Stone Soup: The funding sources that supported a statewide practice facilitation program over a 10-year period. Presented by Debbie Grammer, MPH, Chris Weathington, MHA
Impact of Practice Facilitation on Preventable Emergency Department Visits and Avoidable Readmissions. Presented by Matthew Gannon, Janice Magno, MPA, PCMH CCE
Key Drivers of Implementation in the Stop Unhealthy Alcohol Use Now trial: Preliminary Results of Practice Facilitation. Presented by Mark Holmstrom, MHA, MSHA, FACHE, CMPE, Terri Roberts, Daniel Jonas, Sean Riley, Colleen Barclay, MPH, Chris Weathington, MHA
Practice Facilitation to Support Adoption of a Hypertension-focused Clinical Decision Support System in Small Independent Pra. Presented by Matthew Gannon, Chien Ting Chen, MD, MPH, Alexandra Bragg, MPH
Clinician Burden and Wellness: A Tale of Three Organizations. Presented by Megan Bowen, BA, Oyinkansola Ogunrinde, MHA, Ann Romer, MS
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Panel: What Resources are Available to Practice Facilitators for Practice Improvement. Presented by Jay Crosson, PhD; Lyndee Knox PhD & James McCormack PhD
Lean for Clinical Redesign. Presented by Chris Wise, PhD, MHSA
Building Internal Muscle for Change. Presented by Chris Wise, PhD, MHSA
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in Practice Facilitation: Presented by Taryn Bogdewiecz, BA

Funding for this conference was made possible in part by grant 1R13HS027287-02 from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). The views expressed in written conference materials or publications and by speakers and moderators do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the Department of Health and Human Services; nor does mention of trade names, commercial practices, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.

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