How to Become a Board or Gallery Member

Each year, as positions within the Board of Directors become open, the following process will be followed to fill these positions.

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Open Call for Nominations

The Governance Committee (with staff assistance) will conduct an open call to the NAPCRG membership for nominations for open positions to the NAPCRG Board of Directors. Communication methods for the nominations call will include email, website announcement, social media communication, and a newsletter announcement. A list of open positions, links to appropriate job descriptions, nominations forms, and deadlines will be included in all communications. All nominees for the NAPCRG Board of Directors are required to complete a nominations form. All nominees for the NAPCRG Board of Directors are required to complete a conflict of interest disclosure form.


Nominations are Reviewed

All nominations will go to the NAPCRG Governance Committee to screen, process, discuss, and prioritize, and when necessary solicit, each nominee based on their qualifications that fit with the job description and current needs of the organization. The Governance Committee Chair will present a nominee(s) for each open position to the NAPCRG Board of Directors for discussion and approval.


Nominations are Approved

The NAPCRG Board of Directors will review nominee(s) for each open position. The Board of Directors will confirm (yay or nay) the nominee for open positions with one nominee sent forward, and vote on the candidates where more than one nominee is sent forward from the Governance Committee. Whichever candidate receives the majority vote of the Board of Directors will be elected to the Board.


Newly Elected Members are Notified

The duly elected Board of Directors will be communicated to the NAPCRG membership through all communications channels.

Open Positions


Terms of Reference Policy

Board of Directors Positions (voting members):

Immediate Past President
Communications Committee Chair
CASFM Committee Chair
Community Clinicians Advisory Group Chair
Governance Committee Chair
International Committee Chair
Membership Committee Chair
Program Committee Chair
Research Advocacy Committee Chair
Trainee Committee Chair
Patient Representative


Gallery Positions (non-voting):

Awards Subcommittee Chair 
Trainee Subcommittee Chair
Program Committee Vice Chair (committee appointed position)
CFPC Section of Researchers Representative
American Board of Family Medicine Liaison CFPC Liaison
Graham Center Liaison National Research Network Liaison
Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Liaison
Invited Advisors (TBD as needed, invitation only)

Statement on Promoting Diversity

The North American Primary Care Research Group seeks to promote the participation of a diverse membership in its leadership, meetings and programs, research, employment, and all of its other endeavors. We strive to include all regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, race, religion, disability, ancestry or national origin.

Adopted February 14, 2014

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