Practice-based Research Network Research Good Practices

Practice-based Research Network (PBRN) Research Good Practices, or PRGPs, were developed for the specific context of multi-site research conducted in the clinical practice setting. This PRGP document is the culmination of a mixed-methods research project in which over one hundred researchers contributed their experience, expertise and wisdom to identify research best practices, and then to detail recommendations and strategies to support the primary care research enterprise.

The PRGPs are organized into four chapters, and each is divided into two sections: the main body and an addendum with hyperlinked “Info Links” that provide supporting details, examples and form templates.

Chapter 1: Building the PBRN Infrastructure
Chapter 2: Study Development and Implementation
Chapter 3: Data Management
Chapter 4: Dissemination Policies

We hope this will be a valuable resource for practice-based researchers.


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