Research Modules

Beginning Research Modules

Online resources geared toward junior researchers to develop skills in:

  • Asking and Refining a Research Question
  • Literature Searching and Systematic Reviews
  • Ethical Considerations in Research
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
  • Study Design
  • Grant Proposals, Budgets, and Granting Agencies
  • Presenting a Completed Grant Proposal
  • Quality Improvement and Evaluation
  • Tools for Creating Scholarly Research Posters
  • Tips on Presenting a Ten Minute Talk

Sample Posters

Creating a Poster Using PowerPoint

The 10-minute Talk: Organization, Slides, Writing and Delivery

Basics in Complexity Science

Intermediate Research Modules

Online resources geared toward researchers to enhance skills in:

  • Community Based Participatory Research
  • Practice Based Research -- Need more resources for this section (possibly assign to CASFM PBR subcommittee for further development)
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Economic Research -- CASFM Economics Subcommittee will present introductory workshop at AM

McGill Participatory Research Toolkit

Responsible Research with Communities: Participatory Research in Primary Care

Nutting Seminar: An Introduction to Practice Based Research

Geographic Information Systems Resource Section

Advanced Research Modules

Online resources geared toward established investigators to explore concepts.

Advance Complexity Science

Social Media


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