2018 International Conference on Practice Facilitation

December 10-11 Tampa, Florida

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Plenary Presentations

What's this thing called facilitation...???

Alison Kitson, RN, BSc, PhD, FRCN

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Facilitation tools and processes to help us change the world!
JoAnn Kirchner, MD

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Oral Presentations
Workshops/Skill Labs
Poster Presentations

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SW101: MACRA-Quality Payment Program: An Innovative Approach to Virtual Practice Facilitation

Rose M. Langdon MBA, RN, CPHQ, FNAHQ; Elaine Gillaspie MS MHA CPHQ|

SW102: Using a Multilevel Model of Organizational Change Capacity to Guide Primary Care Facilitation
Olivia McMullen; Norain Siddiqui, MPH; Georges Potworowski, PhD

SW103: Practice Excellence Project: Training for Transformation
Terri Roberts, MS, PCMH CCE; Mark Holmstrom, MSHA, FACHE, CMPE

SW201: Utilizing your QI Tool Box In the Development of Practice Facilitators
Kari Loken, CPHQ

SW202: A Practice Facilitator’s Systematic Approach to the Complexity of Chronic Disease Quality Measures
Lora R. Wright, BS PCMH CCE

SW203: Mi-PARIHS: Practical tools to make framework-informed implementation and facilitation easier
Sarah C. Hunter, BPsych(Hons), PhD; Bo Kim, SB, MEng, PhD; Alison L. Kitson, RN, Bsc(Hons), DPhil, FRCN, FAAN, FAHMS

SW301: Accelerating Practice Transformation: Using Motivational Interviewing to Promote Behavior Change
Yuriko de la Cruz, MPH, CPHQ; Kristie Knouse, BA; Jean D’Aversa, BSN, RN, PCMH CCE

SW302: Advancing the Practice Facilitator Toolbox: Coupling Clinical Transformation with Practice Facilitation for Technology-enhanced Care
Candy Magaña, MPA; J. Nwando Olayiwola, MD, MPH, CPE

SW303: Building Clinical Health Information Technology Adviser Competencies: How do Practice Facilitators best support the evolving HIT needs of ambulatory care practices?
Andrew Bienstock, MHA; Stephanie Kirchner, MSPH, RD; Kyle Knierim, MD

SW401: A Practical Development Framework for Change Agents: Investing in a Re-usable Resource to Drive Healthcare Transformation Toward an Integrated System.
Arvelle Balon- Lyon RN, BN; Eileen Patterson MCE, PMP; Mark Watt RN,

SW402: Operational Models in Sustaining Practice Facilitator Programs
Aashka Bhatt, BSc (Hons.); Lyndee Knox, PhD; Stephanie Kirchner, MSPH, RD

SW403: Assessing and Updating the Necessary Knowledge and Skills of Practice Facilitators in The North Carolina Area Health Education Centers Practice Support Program
Suzanne Lineberry, MPH, MCHES, CPHQ; Monique F. Mackey, MLS

SW501: How Knowledge of Facilitation, Content, and Context Come Together: Building Shared Mental Model
Georges Potworowski, PhD; Melinda Davis, PhD

SW502: The Roadmap and the Compass: Using the 10 Building Blocks Model and Assessment to Navigate Practice Facilitation
Victoria Chen; Chris Chirinos; Beatrice Huang

OP501: PF level 1 competencies in high value care coordination (Medical Neighborhood) when working with small practices to big systems
Beth Neuhalfen, BS- CHC

OP502: Practice Facilitation + Academic Detailing for Behavior and Clinic System Change in Opioid Prescribing Practices
Robert Rhyne, MD; Danelle Callan, MA; Ernest Dole, PharmD

OP503: Applying Coaching/Facilitation Concepts from Quality Improvement to Inform the Design of Effective Continuing Education
Patricia O’Brien, RN, MScCH; Judith Peranson, MD, MPH, CCFP

OP504: Building Capacity through Facilitator Training: Development, Evaluation, Outcomes, and Lessons Learned
Katherine M. Dollar, PhD; Jeffrey L. Smith; JoAnn Kirchner, MD

OP505: The Potential Role of Motivational Interviewing in Practice Facilitation
Michael Schuman, MPH; Carlos Devia, MA; Hang Pham-Singer, PharmD

OP506: Using Practice Facilitation to Build Quality Improvement Capacity using Electronic Health Record Systems
Tara Kline, MS, CPHQ, SSBB; Jeff Hummel, MD

OP507: “ClinvestiGator”: A True Data Animal
Jennifer Rees, RN, CRN, CPF; Liza Nicholson, MSM, CIRS-A/D; Macie Craft, MSN

OP508: Supporting Practice Facilitators to Ensure Success
Emily Glynn, MPH, CPH, CPHQ; Felicia Jackson       

OP509: Practice Level Factors Associated with Enhanced Engagement with Practice Facilitators; Findings from the Heart Health Now Study.
Jacqueline Halladay, MD, MPH; Bryan J Weiner, PhD; Jung In Kim, PhD

OP510: Facilitating Improved Cardiovascular Health in Health System Operated Primary Care Practices
Mark Holmstrom, MSHA, FACHE, CMPE

OP511: Assessing the Experience of Practice Facilitators in Their Role to Improve Heart Health in Oklahoma Primary Care Settings
Ann F. Chou, PhD, MPH; Xi Sophia Chen, MD, MS; Julie A Stoner, PhD

OP512: The EvidenceNOW Model for Supporting Primary Care Practice Improvement: Concepts, Key Drivers, and Resources for Practice Facilitators
Cindy Brach, MPP; Janice Genevro, PhD; Robert McNellis, MPH, PA

OP513: Evaluation of Practice Facilitation from the Perspectives of Oklahoma Primary Care Practices
Ann F. Chou, PhD, MPH; Xi Sophia Chen, MD, MS; Julie A Stoner, PhD

OP514: How Practice Facilitators Adapt Practice Context to Optimize Implementation of Evidence-based Practices
Allison Cuthel, MPH; Donna Shelley, MD, MPH; Carolyn Berry, PhD

OP601: Practice Facilitation in Rural Primary Care Practices to Improve BP Control for African Americans: Implementation Requirements in the Rural South
Lynette Staplefoote-Boynton, MPH; Doyle M. Cummings, PharmD; Jacqueline R Halladay, MD MPH

OP602: Increasing Adoption of Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring Through Practice Facilitation
Danielle Cohen, MPH (PCIP); Hang Pham-Singer, PharmD (PCIP); Carlos Devia, MD

OP603: A Coaching/Facilitating Two for One: Engaging Physicians and Teams in Quality Improvement through MOC Part IV Acheivement
Bonnie T. Jortberg, PhD, RD, CDE; Robyn Wearner, RD, MA; Lauren O’Kipney

OP604: Collaboration between Primary Care and Public Health Practice Facilitators to Improve Population Health
Cherylee Sherry, MPH, MCHES

OP605: Improving Patient Safety in Primary Care Across Academic Sites: Reflecting on the Quality Improvement (QI) Coach/Facilitator Role
Patricia O’Brien, RN, MScCH; Christina Southey, MSc; Lorri Zagar, MSc

OP606: Implementation of Measurement-Based Care: Creation of an Implementation Planning Guide
Katherine M. Dollar, PhD; JoAnn E Kirchner, MD; Sandra G Resnick, PhD

OP607: Effective Strategies for Survey Data Collection in Practice Facilitation Research Studies
Thomas Gepts; Donna Shelley, MD, MPH; Carolyn Berry, PhD

OP608: Unintended Positive Consequences of an Implementation Facilitation Strategy
Eva Woodward, PhD; Karen L Drummond PhD; Karen A Oliver, PhD

OP609: Using Standardized Data Visualization Tools to Engage Practices in Quality Improvement Efforts Through the Healthy Hearts Northwest Study
Cullen Conway, MPH, CCRP; Steven Brantley, MPH, CCRP; Nicholas Colin, MA

OP610: Practice Facilitation in Primary Care
Aashka Bhatt, BSc; Ivanka Pribramska

OP611: The NCQA Process as a Path to Practice Transformation
Suzanne Herzberg, PhD

OP612: Scaling Practice Transformation Statewide
Michelle Mora; Lasha Tennyson

OP613: The QI Coach/Facilitator Role in a Primary Care Research/QI Collaboration to Improve Care for Elderly Patients with Complex Care Needs
Patricia O’Brien, RN, MScCH; Michelle Greiver, MD, MSc, CCFP, FCFP

OP614: Coaching Style Defined: Analysis of Literature Supports Six Domains of Coaching Styles in Primary Care Redesign
Constance van Eeghen, DrPH, MHSA, MBA; Gail L. Rose, PhD; Jessica Clifton, PhD

OP615: Co-Designing a Better Future: Tools to Enhance Practice Facilitation
Tracey Sellers; Shawn Dimantha

P100: Can a Model of Organizational Change Capacity Enhance the Value of Practice Facilitation?
Norain Siddiqui, MPH; Olivia McMullen; Georges Potworowski

P101: Cross-Sectoral Collaboration in Building a National Diabetes Repository
Aashka Bhatt, BSc (Hons.); Michelle Greiver, MD, MSc; Conrad Pow

P102: Data-Driven Method to Determine Ambulatory Practice Staffing Needs
Sean M. Oser, MD, MPH; Aislynn Moyer, DNP, RN

P103: Developing Practice Facilitation within an HIT Organization
Joan Nelson, MPH, PA-C; Christy Gray, OTR/L; Ann Romer, MS

P104: Facilitating Implementation of Patient-Reported Outcome Symptom Questionnaires into Primary Care to Meet Merit-based Incentive Payment System Criteria for Clinical Practice Improvement Activities
Angela M. Stover, PhD; Arlene E. Chung, MD, MHA, MMCi; Darren A. DeWalt, MD, MPH

P105: Improving Morale: Liberating Structures with Staff-Lead Interventions
Karim Hanna, MD; Anum Ahmed, MD

P106: Opening the Black Box of Facilitation Expertise: Adaptation of the Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) Model
Georges Potworowski, PhD; Melinda Davis, PhD

P107: Primary Prevention: Implementation of Cardiovascular Risk Assessment and Interventions Within a Primary Care Family Practice
Leslie Doroski McDowell, DNP, ANP-BC, RN

P108: Scoping Review to Identify the Spectrum of Activities Applied in Implementation Facilitation Strategies
Jeffrey L. Smith; Mona J. Ritchie, PhD; Bo Kim, PhD

P109: The Utilization of An Adult Learning Theory Model in Practice Facilitation to Promote Transformation
Angel Moore, MA.Ed, RHIA, PCMH CCE

P110: Training the Care Team: Beyond the Basics of Electronic Health Records
Dorothy Chan; Hang Pham-Singer, PharmD; Sachel Somwaru

P111: Using EHR Technology to Refer At-Risk Communities to Tobacco Treatment
Michael Schuman, MPH; Carlos Devia, MA; Hang Pham-Singer, PharmD

P113: Care and Feeding of Quality Improvement Specialists: The First 5 Years
Carol Mulder, DVM, MSc, CUTL, DBA

P114: CRM as a Multiprong Tool for Successful Practice Facilitation
Virginia Brooks, MHA, CPHQ; Jennifer Hayes, BHA

P115: Development of an E-Learning Module on Effective Practice Engagement
Julie Schmelzer, CSW, CCM, CPHQ; Ashley Green, MA

P116: Practice Facilitation in a Multi-System, Multi-Initiative Environment
Emily Glynn, MPH, CPH, CPHQ; Felicia Jackson

P117: Practice Facilitator Role in an Operational Project to Improve Access in a Large Multi-Specialty Physician Group
Jean D’Aversa, BSN, RN; Yuriko de la Cruz; Kristie Knouse

P118: Retaining Your Top Talent
Kari Loken, CPHQ; Lauren Yaroch, BSN

P119: The Art and Science of Post-Acute Practice Facilitation: Designing Site-neutral Programs for Success in a Setting-dependent Environment
Lynn Freeman, PT, PhD, DPT, GCS, CWS; Angela Edney, MSA, OTR/L; Shannon Liem, MS, CCC-SLP

P120: Trainees in Transformation: Practice Facilitation in the Academic Teaching Context
Beatrice Huang; Chris Chirinos; Victoria Chen


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